Auto Cleaning & Detailing Services

When you really need it clean, Keith is your go-to guy. From classic cars to truck detailing, from commercial fleet services to pin striping and more, all detailing and cleaning services are delivered with the integrity and excellence that have made Keith Burdin Auto Cleaning the top detailing destination in the Merrimac Valley.

Services Include:

  • Professional Car & Truck Detailing- Let Keith bring your vehicle back to optimum condition. Keith's commitment to excellence is clear on every vehicle his team details.

  • Paintless Dent Repair- Why go to the body shop and spend thousands of dollars? While paintless dent repair does not work on all dents, you'll be stunned at what Keith and his team can repair. Contact Keith for a free estimate.

  • Headlight Restorations- Add an amazing finishing touch to your auto cleaning service with headlight restorations. Not only will your vehicle look better, you'll be safer on the roads as well.

  • Vinyl Pin Striping- Add pin striping to your vehicle detailing package and you'll feel like you are driving a new car again. We all know it's the small details that make a BIG difference.

  • Commercial and Fleet Services- If you have a commercial vehicle or fleet of vehicles, you are judged by how your vehicles look in public. Cleaning services by Keith make you and your company image really shine.

A true professional, Keith's commitment to auto detailing excellence has made him one of the most in-demand auto detailers in his community. Simply put, Keith works hard to EARN the trust of his clients and HONORS that trust with every job he does.












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