Client Testimonials

"Thanks Keith for the most wonderful auto detail job I have ever had done on my vehicle. I own a 2007 Honda Accord and purchased it used in good condition. Once you got done detailing it, I could have driven my car on a showroom floor of a Honda dealer and no one would have known it was not brand new. Never had my car looked so good. Thanks again and you have a customer for life!"

"Keith did a fabulous job! He transformed my 11 year old, high mileage car, with little to no routine detailing, into a great investment. Within two weeks not only was I able to sell my car at my asking price, I did it with little effort and at a 28% greater value than I originally anticipated. Thank you Keith!"

"I used to be the kind of guy who spent every Saturday morning lovingly cleaning my car, and I kept an old cloth diaper in the trunk so I could dust my baby off when needed. That was 40 years ago, and my car can only be described as "nasty." I was skeptical that anyone could get my VW showroom clean again, but Keith did a fantastic job!"

 "I bought my daughter her first car, a 2000 Chevy Tracker. Although it drove really well during the test drive, we had a hard time getting past the smell. The smoke odor in this vehicle was so bad that you could smell it upon opening the doors. We bought it anyway with the idea of having the car detailed. Keith did a beautiful job and we could not be happier. We added on the ozone treatment and WOW what a difference! No more smoke odor and the car looks brand new. We are very pleased and satisfied customers! Thanks Keith!
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